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Security A safety program rule

In the environment where we work, it is important to think safety. We are doing everything we can to ensure that nothing is overlooked at this level.

The drilling and blasting industry is becoming more and more rigorous towards security level and we adapt quickly in response to it. In addition, we have a safety rule, approved by all work donors, including Hydro-Quebec. We can provide this upon request.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Every year, carbon monoxide (CO) is the cause of many poisonings in Quebec. It is a clear and odourless toxic gas. It does not irritate the eyes or respiratory tract. Inhaling carbon monoxide can be very dangerous for health and may even cause death.

Carbon monoxide is released when appliances and vehicles burn combustibles such as propane, wood and fuel oil.

Only a carbon monoxide alarm can detect the gas and warn you. When the alarm goes off, knowing what to do is important. To find out more on this, go to the What To Do When You Have Symptoms or a Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off section.

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